Ban Animal TEsting

I remember when I was free, Running in the grass near the walnut tree, Now I‘m stuck in a cell, A camera observing me. I’m stuck in a box all day long, My skin is burnt, my fur is gone, I am blind, My eyes burned and red, All I feel is pain in my […]

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Remember those names

Marching to battle, Through mud, Though soon these trifles, Will be covered in blood. These soldiers stand strong, Through the war all along, Because to them, Danger is no stranger. Fighting to protect us, To keep us safe at home, For they are people we can trust, Some names carved in stone. We must remember […]

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With a sharp beak, And a ruffled chest, Eating corpses, Laid down to rest, With piercing talons, And wings so great, A shadow appears A streaking caw to hear, When it’s near, you know deaths close, Bigger, Better than most crows. It follows kills, That are not his, He gives you chills, And watches you […]

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May 9, 2021: Mothers Day

A mother, Is a layer of security. A mother, Makes sure your heart is full of purity. She keeps you warm, Safe and stead, She makes sure, You have nothing to dread. Mothers will make sure you grow strong and tall, A mother loves you most of all. (To my mother.) Thank you for all […]

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Jan 08, 2021: A Special Place

I heard there was a special place, Where everything was green, Covered in grass blanket, Where animals were tall and lean. The flowers there, Used to bloom, A lovely shade of blue, The flowers there used to bloom, A shining star upon their doom. I heard there was a special place, Squeezing in a snare, […]

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Oct 2018: The Lice Outbreak

Dear 4th Graders I bid you beware, For it is only fair that I warn you of the lice! They are not nice and, If you don’t take this seriously, You will pay the price. They crawl in your hair but they cannot fly in the air, They show up like a flood and suck […]

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May 01, 2019: The Bug Poem

Welcome to the world of bugs, Over here, there are no hugs. In this world of assassination, You will never get a vacation. And if you were a may fly, You would quickly die. While bees pollinate from flower to flower, Venus flytraps love to devour, And ants just hate to take a shower. Rhino […]

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