Mother’s day

Wake up in the morning, Make breakfast and lunch, Wake up my son, Drink coffee with a hunch, Get him off to the bus, Take the dog for a walk, Start cleaning the house, The phone rings, and I talk, Drive my son back from school, Give him some food, I forgot to eat, Now […]

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Earth day ODe

The tree was big and strong,Its branches full of life, The leaves gently rustling in the wind, Right before it came crashing down, The chainsaws rumbled, The logger pulled, The tree was down, The world was barren all around, For it was the last in the forest, The animals had left, And now they are […]

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Wake up from this dreAm

I was walking, When I came across a land, Where the grass was green, And the animals were happy, And the trees were big and plentiful, And the mountains and oceans were clean. I walked and I saw, I walked and I saw, All these beautiful things, Where the sky was blue, And the clouds […]

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The city has fallen, Ashes adrift, The homeless are hungry, The rich are thrift, So many villains, So much death, A little boys parents, Don’t make a sound They were shot and lay still, Blood swirls around, A little boy. The city was fallen, Ashes adrift, But now the rich are not safe, For in […]

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Ode to doG

When I was born, I couldn’t see, My senses useless, Out on the streets. A man dumped me, Near a mall, I was forgotten, So weak and small. I was hungry, In need of a drink, Warm hands picked me, A man who winked, They took me to a vet, And I was set. Humans […]

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SpOoky, Funny poems

FREIND IN THE GRAVEYARD I’m walking in the graveyard, To see a very old friend, I have flowers and a card. Whenever I go to see him, He looks quite pale, Maybe because I’m loud. But this time I’ll behave, ’Cause I’M the the leaving the grave. DON’T BREATH IN AT A GRAVEYARD, They say […]

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Twirling pencil

My desk is a stadium, My paper a stage, My twirling pencil, Dances in a rage. Where ever it goes, A dark streak follows, The lines flow, The eraser in sorrow, From one end to another, The paper no more blank, The words march in order, Never breaking rank. My desk is a stadium, My […]

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Ban Animal TEsting

I remember when I was free, Running in the grass near the walnut tree, Now I‘m stuck in a cell, A camera observing me. I’m stuck in a box all day long, My skin is burnt, my fur is gone, I am blind, My eyes burned and red, All I feel is pain in my […]

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