Dec 18, 2019: Winter Break

I’m looking for an inspiration Wondering whether I should take A vacation? Something just to clear my mind I wonder if my brain will be kind Because right now I need anything To fill my mind With clear white space Otherwise I cannot write And empty space will fill my mind A giant void of […]

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Nov 2019: Life

In life, There is a maze, It might raze, And it might raise, But no matter what, It will always rot, But it will, Still, Go on, Having pros and cons, Ups and downs, Ravines and mounds, Valleys, mountains and all sort of things, Maybe even, Wedding rings, But your life, May have its strife, […]

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Nov 2019: The Bird

The bird, Flies through the sky, Its Wings spread out wide, It doesn’t need a ride, For the ride it has, Is itself, And nothing better, It could even send letters, To people here, And people there, With lots of care, And if anyone dare, Come in his way, He will give them, A quite […]

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Nov 2019: Run Through the Woods

The rabbit runs through the woods, The dog runs after the rabbit in the woods, They run over hills, They run into chills, They run through meadows,  With treasures galore! They run into some trouble, Who scares them with a “ROAR”. Yet they will keep going, Over the hills and the streams, They steer themselves […]

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Nov 2019: Tragedy

The boat, Does not flow in a moat, Instead it’s in the harmful sea, More dangerous than a bee. The waters here are choppy and can kill, And beneath there is more danger still. From Sharks to Seals, Who are looking for meals, To pirates and killers whales, (and not just the males), And then […]

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Nov 11: Veterans Day

It is Veterans Day, So we say, The pledge of allegiance, In the gym, For people who risk their lives, Whether their doing dives, Or walking through rains, They all have, An important job, The Veterans save people, Who might not have saved them. The Veterans have kept us safe, And we are very lucky […]

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Nov 3, 2019: Random Writings

STEALING There was a crook, Who stole a book, Which was the monster book of monsters, It chomped off his hand, He ran away from the land, To a place full of sand, Where there was no water. When he came out, There wasn’t a doubt, The monster had gone away, The thief learned his […]

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Oct 2018: The Lice Outbreak

Dear 4th Graders I bid you beware, For it is only fair that I warn you of the lice! They are not nice and, If you don’t take this seriously, You will pay the price. They crawl in your hair but they cannot fly in the air, They show up like a flood and suck […]

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