Reflections On a window

Looking through a window What do you see? Is it life or death? Flowers or bees? Heaven or hell? Poorly or well? Looking through a window, What do you see? Every glance, Something new to see. Looking at the sky? Or the ground. Did something drop by? Or move around? Looking through a window, What […]

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All shall Wither in Time

All will wither in time, As the clock flies by, The plants grow yellow and die. All will wither in time, As the clock flies by, The sky, Grows black and dies. Nothing is safe from time, Your heart will stop and die. All shall fall in time, With the city corrupt, It falls and […]

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What difference could it make?

What difference could it make? Dropping a plastic bag, Leaving a plastic straw, Throwing away old clothes? They’ll just flutter away, Out of sight, Out of mind. They will travel Towards the sea. And be swept away. A fish may come closer, A turtle is curious, A seal just wants to swim. The fish gets […]

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Two young deer

Two young deer, Playing in the grass, Running, Jumping, Happy, Carefree, Nothing could go wrong, They lived together, And they grew up strong. They were content, With what they had, No one gloomy, no one sad, No disaster, A happy ever after, Was all they wished, To live and hear the long grass swish. BANG! […]

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There once was a town, Far away, But government took over, And the foundation swayed. Freedom and liberty, Were all lies, But a hero to the people, Began to arise. They had pitchforks, And fire, And all were up for hire, The battle was fierce, With swords a’swinging, With thoughts of freedom bringing, And liberty […]

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Remember those names

Marching to battle, Through mud, Though soon these trifles, Will be covered in blood. These soldiers stand strong, Through the war all along, Because to them, Danger is no stranger. Fighting to protect us, To keep us safe at home, For they are people we can trust, Some names carved in stone. We must remember […]

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The Ultimate Predator

I don’t have a mane, I feel more pain, It’s tough to explain, But all I got is a brain, I don’t have much to gain, I always complain, And yet, I’m the Ultimate Predator. Even though, I feel so mundane, It must be the champagne, I think my efforts are in vain, I think […]

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Two Towers

There once were two towers That stood over the world, Their trade had power, With money that whirled, All over the world, With peace, And trade, And where deals were made, It stopped, On the date of September 11. From another place, The terrorists came, Setting up their two planes. The first one hit, The […]

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With a sharp beak, And a ruffled chest, Eating corpses, Laid down to rest, With piercing talons, And wings so great, A shadow appears A streaking caw to hear, When it’s near, you know deaths close, Bigger, Better than most crows. It follows kills, That are not his, He gives you chills, And watches you […]

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