Happy diwali: The festival of lights

Traditional Indian Lamps (Diyas) Lit for Diwali
The darkness surrounds you,
Covering the moon,
But you are not scared,
For you know what will happen soon.
So at the peak of night,
When nothing seems bright,
The time has come to celebrate,
The Festival of Lights!
The darkness disappears,
None of it in sight,
For the lamps drive it away,
With all of their might,
You can eat and sing and shout,
Till the last fire burns out.
When it is over do not mourn.
One dark night,
The festival shall return.

3 thoughts on “Happy diwali: The festival of lights

  1. Love the joy and simplicity of this poem which celebrates light. Light represents all that is good. It filled my heart with a deep sense of unshakeable comfort & peace. It was as if the poem stirred up a release of fear of things that I can’t even name. The poem came to me just when I needed it with perfect timing.


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