Ban Animal TEsting

Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on

I remember when I was free,

Running in the grass near the walnut tree,

Now I‘m stuck in a cell,

A camera observing me.

I’m stuck in a box all day long,

My skin is burnt, my fur is gone,

I am blind,

My eyes burned and red,

All I feel is pain in my head,

Oh, how I wish I was dead.

And I cannot rest,

For every day is one more test.

I remember when I was free,

A young and happy bunny,

Now I’m stuck in a lab,

Please help me.

3 thoughts on “Ban Animal TEsting

  1. Truely heart felt expressions thru Yash’s poem.
    Loving & Caring Child, he feels for the Animals at such an young age.
    Yash keep it up & keep up the good work.


  2. Trying to imagine the ancient days when the medicine came from the knowledge of experience and practices.
    No testing on animals was performed,
    Animals were not caged, not subjected to torture.


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