The Ultimate Predator

I don’t have a mane,

I feel more pain,

It’s tough to explain,

But all I got is a brain,

I don’t have much to gain,

I always complain,

And yet,

I’m the Ultimate Predator.

Even though,

I feel so mundane,

It must be the champagne,

I think my efforts are in vain,

I think I’m going insane,

And yet,

I’m the Ultimate Predator.

Because I’m something you can’t contain,

Something you can’t restrain,

Something you can’t obtain,

Because the world is my domain,

And you’ll never escape from my reign,

Because I can invent trains and planes,

I can dream to maintain,

And stop this endless chain,

With my campaign,

Nothing is my bane,

I’ll never wane,

Thanks to my brain!

Which is why,

Without claws and teeth,

Elements like the rain and heat,

I’m the Ultimate Predator.

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