Raven: Drawing by Yash

With a sharp beak,

And a ruffled chest,

Eating corpses,

Laid down to rest,

With piercing talons,

And wings so great,

A shadow appears

A streaking caw to hear,

When it’s near, you know deaths close,

Bigger, Better than most crows.

It follows kills,

That are not his,

He gives you chills,

And watches you in the night,

Following prey,

From a great height,

His friends are wolves of the forest,

He watches them loudly howl in chorus,

Then he follows them out on the hunt,

And when they leave,

And the area clears,

And the trees whispering,

Is all one hears,

In the middle,

A carcass lies,

And so death’s cleanup shows himself,

With the full moon rise,

It flies near the body as a draven,

But you would know him as the RAVEN.

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