April 8, 2021: The Lonely Dandelion

A lonely dandelion,

Stands alone,

A single flower,

Will silently moan,

The weeds around it,

Are withering,

It’s petty petals,

Are littering,

The ground,

All around,

The lonely dandelion.

The lonely dandelion,

Stands alone,

A cloud puff on its head,

And soon it will shed.

The lonely dandelion,

Is not dead,

Merely drifted away.

To a place,

It can stay.

A yellow lace

On their heads,

All around,

Like dots in the grass.

2 thoughts on “April 8, 2021: The Lonely Dandelion

  1. Yash,

    You are quite observant to capture a dandelion in your words. Finding beauty and joy in ordinary is admirable.


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