May 7, 2020: A Spot of Black! Thank You Note


There is something among us,

A spot of black in white,

And blood cells are coming out to fight,

This growing bigger spot of black,

This Virus,

Draws your breath away,


Coming close,

Spreading like a wildfire,

The straits become more dire,

Now you are the one it chose.

So slow,

Yet so quick,

You are ceasing to exist.

Your eyes close,

Your window of life is closing.

Doctors, Nurses,

Huddle around,

Trying to keep it open,

Then came the black.

But your soul fought back.

Slowly your cells attach,

Themselves to this dangerous intruder,

The window of life’s curtain,

Is falling back,

Light is pouring into your eyes.

The doctors and nurses perform CPR,

Though it might be too late,

And the heart monitor is slowing down,

Yet they still continue.


Your heart is beating back to normal,

The doctor’s and nurses’ persistence pushed through,

Your cells just have to fight,

A tiny spot of black.

With all your might,

You open your eyes,

And realize,

You are back in the light.

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