May 01, 2019: The Bug Poem

Photo by Pixabay on

Welcome to the world of bugs,

Over here, there are no hugs.

In this world of assassination,

You will never get a vacation.

And if you were a may fly,

You would quickly die.

While bees pollinate from flower to flower,

Venus flytraps love to devour,

And ants just hate to take a shower.

Rhino beetles are really strong,

But if spiders tried to fly, they would come down with a “bong”!

Which is why they make spider webs,

To catch a poor fly’s legs.

Female praying mantis ain’t love bugs,

They’ll kill their mate,

And won’t be late, to have him as a meal,

Not caring how he’d feel.

As army ants marched through the trees,

Bees fly overhead,

And centipedes crawl out of the ground,

As if they were the walking dead.

Water spiders will make a home bubble

And go to make some trouble.

When they come back they’ll have a feast.

Wait, we forgot a beast! 

It has thick armour,

And a sting.

With piercing claws

And terrifying jaws,

It’s the scorpion!

Welcome to the world of bugs,

Over here, there are no hugs.

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