Oct 28, 2019: Waiting for Something to Happen

Photo by Jolo Diaz on Pexels.com

Am I waiting to get older,

Maybe to get a little colder,

Am i waiting to get hot,

Maybe not.

I’ve started to walk,

There’s no point to talk,

Or to sing,

About a pointless thing,

That would make my ears ring.

Here I shall stop,

Beside the seashore,

Where the seas roar.

It gave me a shock,

When a wave crashed on a rock.

I walked to the rock,

But slipped and fell,

At that moment,

I did not feel well,

I fell into the icy -cold water,

I saw something move in the dark,

I hoped it wasn’t a shark.

A wave threw me back on land,

Onto some yellow sand.

Now I’m waiting,

Not to get old,

And I’m already cold.

The sun provides heat,

And I don’t want to eat.

Here I am,

Laying on the ground,

Looking around,

Waiting for something to happen.

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