Oct 2018: The Lice Outbreak

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

Dear 4th Graders

I bid you beware,

For it is only fair that I warn you of the lice!

They are not nice and,

If you don’t take this seriously,

You will pay the price.

They crawl in your hair but they cannot fly in the air,

They show up like a flood and suck up your blood – like juice,

While saying, mmm – this tastes like chocolate mousse.

So I bid you beware!

Sharing is caring except when there’s a lice epidemic glaring.

To get rid of lice is almost as easy as playing with dice.

Get a ride to buy Pediculicides,

The lice killing shampoo.

Beware for these lice they do not live in a zoo!

Instead, they live in your head!

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