Nov 2019: Tragedy

Photo by Plato Terentev on

The boat,

Does not flow in a moat,

Instead it’s in the harmful sea,

More dangerous than a bee.

The waters here are choppy and can kill,

And beneath there is more danger still.

From Sharks to Seals,

Who are looking for meals,

To pirates and killers whales,

(and not just the males),

And then you see land,

And jump on the sand,

Only to be burnt by the sun,

Which is not fun.

Then in the night,

You will not be all right,

For you will freeze,

And then sneeze,

Because you will fall sick,

And you will have to be bold,

Because pirates have come to bury their gold.

You see the pirates leave,

And dig up the gold,

You take it to London,

And hope it won’t mold,

But the original owners,

Spot you with it,

And guards lock you up,

In a big tower,

Where you can’t take,

A well deserved shower.

In the tower,

You stay and cower,

And you cry,

And stay still,

And die.

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