May 31, 2019: Goodbye 4th Grade

Photo by Katerina Holmes on

All the kids in 4th grade,

Depart during summer break.

But once they get to 5th grade,

They’ll have a chance to bake.

Because while you’re in 5th grade,

You’ll just have it made.

You’ll go back in time,

To wars and Great Depressions,

And when you’re done with that,

I’d just love to see your expressions.

First comes Outdoor Ed,

Then the pancake breakfast,

Where you will be nice and fed.

Finally, the Peterson Pride award,

For only the best.

But don’t worry,

They’re only as good as the rest.

5th grade looks like a fun year,

Where you’ll be like a spring deer,

Which is why Im not shy,

To say good bye.

Because you’ll be late for summer break,

(And I’m out of paper.)

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