Jan 28, 2019: Random Thoughts At Elementary School

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com


I don’t know how the mouse got up there.

But I know that he fell.

The bird popped out,

And we had to shout,

“No ones louder than that old lout!”

He climbed up the old grandfather,

Did not fall down and we had to shout,

“That clock has a quiet mouth!”


(Can you find my name in the poem? If you can there will be a prize.)

Young yodeling yak or an,

Arboreal anthropoid or a

Slippery simian, or maybe just a

Horned house trained human!


Penguins slipping through the ice,

Maybe they should eat some mice.

Though what they wish,

Is for a good fish dish.


Swimming silently through the night,

Not wanting to fight.

Instead to hunt,

For polar bears it would take a month.

But for a shark a day.

I hope you’re not swimming!

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