Dec 20, 2018: Merry Christmas

Bambi & me with Christmas presents!

When we pass each other,

What do we say?

“Merry Christmas!”, “Happy holidays!”

On Christmas, we have no business

But to look at our tree!

And I think you will agree,

The feeling is one of pure glee 

When we look at…..


To open the presents,

Is one of the best events,

Surrounded by family and friends.

And though it can get tense,

You can sense,

Tomorrow will be the best day!

As beautiful as a blue jay,

As pretty as a gateway,

Leading to Christmas!

Please make way for the holidays,

So we can all be happy!

Take a nap, get together and chit chat,

Then, open the gift wrap.

But the true present is…

“Having a merry Christmas”

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